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Wole Soyinka commends peace accord


Noble laureate Wole Soyinka has commended the peace accord reached by President Goodluck Jonathan and President-elect Muhammdu Buhari which was largely kept by the two principal actors in the general elections.  He said the accord is example of how leaders behave. He said there is no doubt the peace accord is commendable. He also said that the two main contestants set an excellent example and the rest of us must follow.

That those who rig elections are the middle level leaders such as governors, ministers caught manipulating the votes.  He said the problem has been with those he called the middle level leaders. On the performance of the general elections, Professor Wole Soyinka scored the electoral body, INEC a pass mark although he noticed one or two issues with the process. He said the time lag between accreditation and voting should be reduced. Those voters should be able to get accredited and vote at the same time.

He described the incident in Rivers state during the presidential election as complete atrocities. He said the finger points to those he called the middle level leaders. He said rather resort to violence people should wait for the moment where they can exercise their rights through voting. He condemned those he said call themselves governors and ministers who frustrate the process.