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With drop in Euro Man-U may go for Ronaldo


If both Manchester United and Real Madrid agrees to a transfer deal of 74.8million pounds this summer for Cristiano Ronaldo, they both could make profit.

Cristiano Ronaldo transfer from Man-U to Real Madrid in June 2009 in an 80million pound deal. Since joining Real Madrid he has won several laurels.  With the significant weakening of the Euro, there is a good chance that Man-U could re buy Ronaldo for more than the price they paid and still make profit.

If Cristiano Ronaldo demand from Manchester United to be the most expensive player and Real Madrid will not want anything less than what Real paid for Gareth Bale. Real may be looking for 101million Euro which means it will cost Man-U 74.8million pounds. Both will be making profit as Man-U will make a profit of 5.2million pounds and Real Madrid will make a profit of 7million Euro, a win –win situation.