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Why we set aside Rivers APC protest-Jega


Perhaps, in reaction to the protest of the agent of PDP Godsday Orubebe at the national collation centre at the refusal of the commission to accept the PDP protest, the chairman explained their response to the Rivers APC protest.

The chairman said he received a petition from the Rivers state APC and after going through, he gave his colleagues to study and thereafter set up a three man committee led by the Resident Electoral commissioner of the state. He added that the committee presented their observation and findings to the commission.

He said the Rivers state APC were protesting among others ;

  1. Election did not take place in Rivers state.
  2. That result sheets were not distributed and some cases photocopies were used.
  3. There was substitution of trained ad-hoc staff.

They had to pay attention to the issue of election not holding. He said they established that election held in Rivers state. He said they could not establish that there was substitution of ad-hoc staff. He said that the explanation of the committee was satisfactory. He said they took collation officers from the zone. He said several reasons could be responsible for the substitution of ad-hoc. He said it could be due to illness and other reasons. He said from information they had, no substitution was made.

He said election held in the state and the allegation of substitution is not substantial to cancel the entire election result.

He also said the collation for today results started late because they were resolving the Rivers state petition. He said they have taken other measures relating to administrative issue for the future.

He concluded that election all over the world is not perfect and for the commission to reverse results there must be substantial evidence. That is why we are reading the Rivers state result.