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West African electricity regulators, operators to meet in Akosombo

A two-day meeting of the Consultative Committees of Regulators and Operators of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERERA) will open, on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 in Akosombo, Ghana in continuation of the ECOWAS Community’s efforts towards the establishment and development of a regional electricity market in West Africa.
The meeting, according to a statement made available, on Monday, in Abuja, will finalise the observations of its various stakeholders on the proposed regional Market Rules.
“Likewise, it will conclude discussions on comments gathered in relation to ERERA’s study on the Operational Manual prepared by the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP). The manual is expected to help ensure that all interconnected power systems of the WAPP operate the interconnected Western African network efficiently and effectively, among other functions.
“In addition, participants are expected to establish working groups on the collection of electricity sector data in Member States as well as planning of activities, preparatory to the effective take-off of the electricity market,” the statement said.
The Akosombo meeting of the consultative committees is part of a series of meetings by ERERA to fine-tune its regulatory mechanisms, including issues relating to the harmonisation of policies and practices.
“They are all geared towards creating an attractive environment for investors and boost the development of cross-border electricity trade in the region,” it concluded