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We’ll order a fresh probe on $20bn oil money- Buhari

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Addressing a delegation from Adamawa state led by the state governor-elect Jubrilla Bindow, in Abuja, the president-elect Muhammadu Buhari said he will revisit the probe of the alleged missing $20bn oil money as claimed by the immediate past governor of central bank and Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.  According to Buhari, ‘imagine a situation where the former CBN governor, who by the grace of God later became the Emir of Kano, raised an issue of missing billions of money, not in Naira but in Dollars, $20bn.

What happened, instead of investigating to know whether it was true that the money was missing or not they simply found a reason to remove him?  So these are the issues we are talking about. This issue is not over yet. Once we assume office, we would order a fresh probe on the matter. We would not allow people to steal money meant for Nigerians to buy shares and stash away in foreign lands.

He also told the delegation from Adamawa that the APC already has a plan to address youth unemployment, insecurity and corruption. He added that ’16 years of the PDP has further impoverished the people. It was the PDP, not the APP, not the CPC and not the APC.  He said ‘the three things we in the APC will give priority to are those of security, the economy and the war against corruption. These are the three things that affect all the states in Nigeria. The kind of leadership brought upon us by the PDP whether documented or not cannot be forgotten in our history.

The governor-elect of Adamawa state Jubrilla Bindow said they were in Abuja to express their support to the president elect and to also state their request. He said that Adamawa state is a backward state and needed the attention of the federal government. He also added that the problem of youth unemployment is pronounced in the state. He also said the state will need the support of the federal government in the area of infrastructural deficit.