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Troops overrun Boko Haram camps


general chris olukoladeThe director of defence information, major general Chris Olukolade has said that the military on Saturday was able to overrun ten camps of the Boko Haram in the Sambisa forest. According the army general , ‘an unconfirmed number of terrorists died on Saturday as 10 additional camps used by the terrorists were overrun in the continuing offensive operations against the terrorists in Sambisa forest. The Dure camp which is one of the most prominent camps in the forest, witnessed the fiercest battle as the Special Forces descended heavily on it before it finally fell.

He also said ‘four of the camps were located in a place called Iza within the forest while three others were noted to be recently established by the terrorists before the assault began. One soldier died from one of the land mines encountered in the operation while two others were also wounded.

Olukolade said the troops captured several vehicles with aircraft launchers as the terrorists were fleeing. Some of the fleeing terrorists encountered the troops at Kiseru town on the border with Niger. He said that the air force was actively engaged in the battle as they maintain effective aerial surveillance to track the movement of terrorists in the on-going operation.

He also said the operation to clear the terrorists in Sambisa and other forest is continuing as troops in all fronts have been alerted to be on the lookout for fleeing terrorists.