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Three African Leaders signed deal to end Nile dispute

three nile leaders

The leaders of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have signed a deal to end the dispute over sharing the Nile waters and the building of the biggest hydro- electric dam in Ethiopia.

three nile leaders1

In 2013, Ethiopia ratified a controversial treaty to replace the 1929 treaty that gave Egypt and Sudan the biggest share of the Nile water. Former President Morsi of Egypt had said he will allow Egypt water supply to be endangered by the great Ethiopian renaissance dam.

three nile leaders2

President Al-sisi of Egypt joined Ethiopian Prime Minister Halemarian Desalegu and Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir in signing the deal.  The Ethiopian prime minister assured his colleagues from Egypt and Sudan that the dam would ‘not cause any harm to downstream countries.

Ethiopia wants to replace a 1929 treaty written by Britain that awarded Egypt veto power over any project involving the Nile by the upstream countries. Ethiopia says the $4.7bn dam will eventually provide 6000 megawatts of power. Ethiopia has received strong backing from five other Nile –basin countries Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi.