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The battle for Kristina Bobbi Brown

bobbi kristina

About six weeks after Kristina was rushed to the hospital her medical conditions still remains the same. She is still under life support. However, what has changed the level of controversy surrounding her current health condition and the politics of ‘who gets what and how’ in case she does not survive the current state of health.

The recent one is from Leola Brown, Kristina’s aunt who says Pat Houston, sister to Whitney Houston, and Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon should be held responsible for Kristina’s current condition.  Leola said Pat did not allow Kristina to heal from the tragedy of her mother’s death before pushing her into the reality programme. She described Pat as a money hungry beast and a manipulator. She also accused Nick of guilt but said she will not go into that because the police are investigating the matter. It is not certain if both Kristina and Nick actually got married. Kristina reportedly got engaged to Nick and in July 2014, she tweeted out a picture of wedding rings presumably belonging to her and Nick, along with #happily married.  The family had earlier vowed to challenge the marital relationship.  While some suspect that Nick might be connected with the incident because he is likely to inherit much of Kristina’s mother net worth.  Others say Kristina and Nick did not have a pre- nuptial agreement. They vow to shut Nick off any potential estate inheritance battle as they see him as very manipulative. Nick mother on Dr Phil show has said they had arguments hours before the incident.

At the bottom of all the controversies is the over $20million inheritance which members of the family have positioned themselves despite the fact that Whitney’s will is very clear as to those entitled to it in the event of Kristina’s death. Meanwhile, reports say Kristina organs are shutting down and family sources are saying it does not really matter if the father withdraws life support or not, she is dying.  The will says Pat Houston and Whitney’s mother Cissy are the co –executors.  The 1993 will states that in case Kristina does not have any surviving child, the estate and fortune should be divided up with her mother Cissy and other family members.

Bobby Brown is still optimistic that she will regain consciousness. Reports had it that when Bobby Brown first saw the state of Kristina in the hospital he prayed inconsolably for the daughter to regain consciousness.

Meanwhile, Nick stepfather Jack Walker jnr says Nick is hurt and out of control. He said Nick is unable to come to terms with Kristina condition and if she does not survive it could adversely affect him.