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Brexit: UK finally leaves EU

The flags outside embassies have been lowered, the countdown clocks have stopped. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union. The country’s 47 years of membership officially ceased at the stroke of 23:00 GMT (midnight Brussels time), more than three and half years after an in/out referendum […]

UK unveils new visa scheme

Britain on Sunday announced a new fast-track visa scheme for top scientists, researchers, and mathematicians as it prepares a new immigration system for life outside the European Union. Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the plan just days before Brexit finally takes place on January 31. Concerns about mass […]

UK Supreme Court rules suspension of Parliament by Boris Johnson is unlawful

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial five-week suspension of Parliament was unlawful, the UK Supreme Court has ruled, in a landmark decision that will have far-reaching constitutional implications. Judges unanimously upheld an earlier decision by Scotland’s highest civil court, which ruled that Johnson had acted illegally to suppress parliamentary scrutiny of his Brexit strategy. The […]