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Sustain the gains against insurgency, UN urges Buhari

DSG Meeting

The representatives of the United Nations secretary general for west and central Africa urged the president elect Muhammadu Buhari to sustain the fight against insurgency. The representative of the UN in west Africa Mohammed Ibn Chambas advised the president elect the victory over insurgency in the last six weeks will help bring stability to the north east.  He said the UN has a strong partner in the president elect.

Chambas said the UN believes that Buhari pronouncement on the fight against the terrorists, corruption and the economy is reassuring and very well received by the UN.  He said that Buhari statements on the economy are well received in Washington. He added that the UN is ready to work with him.

On the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, Mohammed Ibn Chambas welcomed the condemnation expressed by the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. According to him, ‘we see leaders in south Africa coming out to condemn it.’ He said that South Africans must realise that they should welcome all Africans, just as other African nations should welcome South Africans. We all need each other.