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Supreme Court halts Constitution Amendment

chief justice of nigeria3

The Supreme Court on Thursday asked the National Assembly and the Federal government to maintain the status quo on the amendment of the constitution

President Jonathan had earlier withheld accent to the amendment of the constitution and when the National Assembly threatened to veto the amendment, the Federal government went to court. Members of the seven man jury headed by the chief justice of the Federation, Mahmud Mohammed had ordered that the status quo be maintained on the amendment of the constitution and fixed hearing on the suit for June 18.

The chief Justice of the Federation said the adjournment is to enable the counsel to the Federal government, Bayo Ojo op prepare his address and to give him time to file the written address on the issues raised.

According to the chief Justice of the Federation, ‘meanwhile, the status quo ante should be maintained. No further action should be contemplated or taken by either of the parties, till the hearing and determination of the case.

‘We want to give adequate time to the plaintiff’s counsel to go back and look into the totality of the originating process and come back to address the court on salient issues surrounding SC6PS16LFN,2004 AND S232 CFRN. ‘The states are also involved in the process leading to the constitutional amendment.’

Meanwhile, pending the hearing of the parties on June 18, 2015 the status quo should be maintained in the matter