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Suicide bomber kills several people in Damaturu

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There are indications that close to a dozen people may have been killed by a bomb blast that occurred in Damaturu, the state capital of Yobe state. The suicide bomber who is said to be a female toddler of about 10 years old may have had the bomb wrapped round her waist.

According to eyewitness said the incident occurred about 11 am on Saturday morning behind the main market and Motor Park in Bayan Tasha. The suicide bomber would have had assistance from somebody not too distant from her as the security tried to interrogate her bomb exploded suddenly and without any warning. The eyewitness who described the incident in gory details said the sight of dismembered bodies was revulsive.

According to a member of the local Nigeria Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) ‘We have security men at all the gates and everybody entering the motor park was subjected to thorough search before they enter the park. It was in the process of searching today, that a little girl of about 10 years old refused to be searched and before you could blink an eye the bomb, which the girl concealed under her Hijab, exploded killing her, the security staff and three other persons while several others, were injured. Others may have died in the process of trying to rescue victims.

As medical and other people who were struggling to save lives, they found several cylinders of unexploded bombs around the blast site. It is said that the little girl who had refused to be searched could not have acted alone and that the bomb may have been detonated by somebody outside the toddler.