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Ronaldo gets yellow against Rayo Vallecano


As Real Madrid defeats Rayo  Vallecano 2-0 on Wednesday night Cristiano Ronaldo got his fifth yellow card which means he will suffer a ban from the next match. He was expecting a penalty when he was fell by the Vallecano defender Antonio Amaya but the referee Mario Melero Lopez thought otherwise. He however scored a goal for his team. Coach Carlo Ancelotti described the decision of the referee to give Ronaldo a yellow card as ‘incredible.’

For the first time since November, Ancelotti had all his key attacking players in the team. Rodriguez rewarded his manager’s decision to start him with a goal. Ancelotti said ‘each match has its own story and its own line- up. I thought that James could contribute to the team and I opted for him, but each match has a different line-up.’

Real Madrid defeated Rayo Vallecano with Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodriguez scoring the two goals that gave Real Madrid the 2-0 victory against Rayo Vallecano. Concerning the decision of the referee, Carlo Ancelotti said ‘I told him that it seemed incredible not to whistle for a penalty like the one that he did not call.’

Playing away at Campo de Valleces, the first half of the match for Real Madrid was a bit lacklustre but the Rayo Vallecano team could not sustain their tempo in the second half. Rayo coach Paco Jemez said his team faded away after the first half and he says his team could do well this season if they can repeat their first half performance in subsequent matches. He said ‘if we had withstood for the whole match like we did in the first half, we would have been compared with Barca or Bayern.’

For Ancelotti, ‘we tried to press with more intensity up top, but we did it without conviction in the first half. In the second half the play was very complete, we played well and we deserved to win. I am very happy, really pleased with the second half, a good attitude, good play, physically well. Playing well, I do not want more.’