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Revealed: The Petititon,The Petititoner and the scheme to remove CJN Onnoghen

There are indications that the petitioner of illegal asset declaration against the Chief Justice of the Federation Walter Onnoghen at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) was a close aide of President Muhammadu Buhari.  The petitioner Dennis Aghanya was the Publicity Secretary of the Congress for Democratic Change(CPC) under then-candidate Muhammadu Buhari. There are fears that with the General Election coming up next month, the petition may have a political motive.

Analysts are alarmed at the speed with which the Federal Government has asked the CJN Onnoghen to vacate his position even before the case is heard. They argued that the CJN is the head of an arm of government and can only step down after he has been convicted by the CCT.  They have also argued about the jurisdiction of the CCT which is headed by a High Court judge. Most analysts are of the view that the government that acted with such speed, yet expressed confidence in a governor that was caught on video taking a bribe.

Meanwhile, the candidate of the leading opposition party, the People Democratic Party(PDP), Atiku Abubakar has called the plan to remove the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Onnoghen as a threat to democracy. A group of senior lawyers have offered to defend the CJN ex-gratia.

-It remains to be seen if with the mounting opposition to the present plot to remove the CJN, if the government will go ahead with its plan, as the general election date draws near.