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Resignation: Storm gathers against Mu’azu


There are indications that the level of opposition to the Adamu Mu’azu led National Working Committee (NWC) is swelling by the day. Despite the call by president Good luck Jonathan for the various aggrieved groups in the party to shield their swords, the plot to sack the chairman and his NWC thickens. The governor of Niger state, Babangida Aliyu has joined his colleague, Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state in calling for the resignation of the PDP chairman and the NWC in line with what happens on other democracies as was seen in the last UK elections where leaders of the parties that lost all resigned.

Governor Aliyu criticised members who are threatening to form a parallel PDP because of call for them to resign. He reminded them of the attempt by the G7 governors to form the new PDP as a result of the conflict they had with the party leadership.

He said any leader that leads his political party, in this case it’s the PDP, to defeat should resign. According to him, ‘it is unfortunate that people had to be called to resign. The leaders are supposed to voluntarily resign their positions for the loss at the just concluded general elections. It is unfair that they are threatening to form a factional PDP because they were asked to resign.