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Real Madrid this week: 10 things to know

carlo ancelotti

Ancelotti Madrid side surpass 100 home goals in la liga. They average more than 3 goals a game at the Bernabeu under Ancelotti.

  • Seven players from the squad have already scored against Barcelona this season. They are Ronaldo, Benzema, Jese, Varane, Khedira, Marcelo and Ramos.
  • Gareth Bale sixth brace for Real Madrid. Bale has scored 38 goals for Real Madrid.
  • Marcelo has the third highest amount of la liga wins by foreigner at Madrid. Marcelo drew level against Levante with the 161 victories enjoyed by Santa Maria.
  • Recovery session at Cindad Real Madrid as the team trains six days to the match against Barcelona
  • Ramos says they can use the win against Levante to build confidence.
  • Marcelo says they have improved because they are calmer.
  • Modric says they played a good game, especially in the first half. Carvajal says it was a crucial match in front of their supporters.
  • Ancelotti says they will travel to camp nou with confidence. They will take the good first half performance and the win away with them to continue to improve.
  1. Pepe 200 wins with Real Madrid. it was in the game against Levante.