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Presidential election: PDPs defeat due to betrayal


News emerging from Abuja indicates that President Good luck Jonathan rebuffed calls by some members of the PDP leadership to reject the result of the Presidential election due to perceived irregularities. It will be recalled that President Jonathan called the presidential candidate of the APC Muhammadu Buhari to concede defeat even before the official announcement by INEC, in what has been described as an unprecedented display of statesmanship. He said to have taken the decision after he had studied the trend of the result and realised that all the assurances he got from his aides and some members of the leadership of the PDP amounted to nothing.

Reports say that President Jonathan felt the party leadership in some states did not do enough to help the cause of the party; otherwise the party would have won the election. It is believed that the president felt betrayed by all those he had relied on when it matter the most. In the early days of the campaign, it was reported that the wife of the had complained loudly that there seem to be an ethnic dimension to the campaign and some members of the party were not doing enough for other reasons.

Analysts believe that this presidential election was the most divisive in the history of the country because the president opened the political space and the campaign took an ethnic colouration. They also said that the negative campaigns of corruption and ineptitude the leading opposition party sold to the international community made all the efforts of the government amount to naught. So when the same leaders who frustrated his effort at combating insurgency congratulated him, he was not impressed.  For the international community, the only way they could regard the elections as free and fair is if the ruling party lose the election.

Nigerian in the diaspora had also bought into the idea that the government was corrupt and inept and they virtually controlled the airwaves on the internet with various negative reports, some fabricated.

The president realising the level of betrayer decided not to challenge the results and warned that he was not going to part of such fruitless exercise. He felt venture was likely to cause political instability. He has always insisted that his ambition and that of other politicians is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.  So when the party members came after he had conceded to commiserate with him, some were stunned he was cheerful and those who came with long faces hoping to see him in similar mood were astonished he did not display any sense of loss.

Some analysts say the president should take part of the blame as he did not act quickly to remove the PDP chairman who was so dictatorial that all the vocal members of the party who had strong political structures were virtually chased out of the party. There were fears at a point that the way the party was going, PDP may be left with just the presidents, his aides and the party chairman. Based on the insistence of faithful members of the party, the chairman was changed but then the damage had been done, and the process of disintegration had reached an irreversible level.  An analyst said that the PDP had reached the level of decay. What economists will call diminishing returns? He said they need a new approach in the rebuilding of the party and they will need to start from day one to study the opposition party and begin to provide alternative policies. They will need to start the process of recruiting those that can add value to their party and also see the possibility of poaching from disenchanted members of new ruling party. With the recent defection they should be able to separate the wheat from the shaft.  In other words they should be to separate those who mare truly party men from those pursuing the pecuniary interest. More importantly, the government and the party realised the relevance of the media too close to elections. The president came to that realisation when he met members of the business community in lagos and said all their efforts have not been well projected by the media.  In future, they  will need to learn how to use the media as no true democracy operate without the support of the media.