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Osun election Tribunal : PDP Witnesses Defy APC Lawyers, Insist Results Altered, Doctored

Osun Election Tribunal continues sitting today amidst multiple drama in Abuja with various PDP witnesses insisting that the election results from their units were manipulated and doctored.

A lot of drama took place today with PDP agents virtually running the show, arguing their presentations in defiance of interjections and interventions from APC and Gboyega Oyetola’s lawyers.

While PDP lawyers appeared not willing to drop their charges of over -voting and manipulations of results, APC lawyers desperately questioned the PDP witnesses, leading to a lot of altercations at the court

The sitting which started in time had all the counsels in attendance. The PDP witnesses were consistent just like they did last year in providing proofs that there are cases of over-voting and alterations.

A PDP, Ojo Mathew Olayinka of Ife North, unit 6, ward 7 insisted throughout his submission that over voting and alteration of results took place in his unit. Shouting “this is doctored; this is manipulated; this is false’, the witnesses defied all efforts of the defence to get him to retract his statement.

When cross-examined by Olanipekun SAN, the PDP witness held out the results sheets and still affirmed that most figures were altered, adding that “the figure I have is different from what I saw here”

On why he signed the results, he announced that he protested vehemently to the presiding officer but that he was ignored, adding “I signed because we were directed to sign and lodge complaints later”

Another PDP witness, Alofafade Victoria of Unit one, ward 11 of Ilesa East also gave evidence that she complained of overvoting because the total votes cast exceeded the accredited voters.

“I complained to INEC about over voting, but the presiding officer did not listen.I was the party agent whatever you say about my name or somebody’s side name on the agent list”, she said.

Another witness from Ejigbo in his testimony also cited instances of over voting at his unit at Ejigbo.He analysed the accredited voters and the vote cast and said there was clearly over-voting.

Another PDP agent, Opakunle Roqeeb of Elejo Compound, Unit 8, Iwo also raised his voice high on the same issue of over voting and alteration of results.

While admitting that he replaced his brother who was sick as a party agent, Roqeeb said where he voted the results were tampered with, citing figures to prove over voting.