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Obasanjo foundation immersed in scandals

obasanjo and anne welsh

The Olusegun Obasanjo foundation is immersed in scandal which has embarrassed the former President of Nigeria. A video allegedly showing devious undercurrent by the chief executive officer of the foundation Anne Welsh in money laundering activities has left the foundation with no choice but to sack her.

The video is alleged to have exposed her dealings. Anne Welsh, a former investment banker and former chairperson of the sickle cell society had struck a deal with a Lebanese businessman to use the Ebola tragedy in West Africa to launder money for the Lebanese. The video showed that the businessman and his group will donate $2m to the Obasanjo foundation for their Ebola programme in Sierra Leone, while she will help them launder the sum of $2.9m. She assured them that it is a deal that she is familiar with and there was no problem.


According to Welsh, I had to go through training through President Obasanjo political training for one year to become discreet. Sometimes, we get dollars from people who give money to our foundation and they say they don’t want it to be known that they donated the money, but they want to have a letter on our letterhead paper and a letter from Obasanjo just to say thank you for your kind donations to the foundation for the work to support Ebola. That’s it. That is what we normally do.’

Anne Welsh further demanded to be paid 30% of the $2.9m to be transferred for the Lebanese group after they said they were not interested in how the donation is used. According to her, ‘at least 30%, think about the hard work I’m going to put into tis, you will be so grateful to me.’

Former president Obasanjo was said to be saddened by the event and has ordered a full investigation into the allegation. She was asked to resign He also asked the London metropolitan police and the UK Charity Commission for a thorough probe.