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No transparency in the oil sector under Obasanjo- Atiku


Speaking at the on-going 36th Kaduna international trade fair, the former Vice President and Turakin Adamawa Atiku Abubakar said that under the leadership of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, there was no transparency in the oil and gas sector. According to him, former president Obasanjo was for eight years solely in charge of the petroleum sector as there was no minister. He said  nobody knew what was happening in the petroleum sector.

Former Vice President Atiku said ‘during our administration, there was no transparency and accountability in the oil and gas industry. There was a time we were handed with a Ghana must go memo on the oil and gas sector and asked by the President for our input and I refused to support.

On the issue of power, the former Vice President said that President Jonathan only followed the power programme of former President Obasanjo which he said had no short or medium term plans. This he said led to the waste of billions of dollars and which has resulted in epileptic power supply.

On the poor quality of education in the 19 northern states, the former Vice President Atiku said for the North to close the education gap with the south, the northern states will have to commit 25% of their budgets to education.  He regretted that only Kebbi state has come close to that with 24% of the state budget.  He said although the 19 northern state governments met in 2000 to map out strategy on how to close the gap nothing came out of it.