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Nigerian Diplomat Beaten Up By Equatorial Guinea Police

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For committing no offence, a Nigerian Diplomat serving in Equatorial Guinea, Mr. Noah Ichaba, was last Saturday beaten to stupor by the country’s Police.
The Police, who stopped the taxi carrying Ichaba to Cinco market, got infuriated because he could not speak Spanish.

They had asked for his papers in Spanish. But, while wondering what they could be saying, a co-passenger quickly translated to him that his papers were being requested for.
According to Ichaba, he immediately brought out his Diplomatic Identity but apparently, the Policemen had run out patient.
In the process, they dragged him out of the taxi and beat him up to the point he sustained facial wounds.
According to the diplomat, the incident occurred at kilometre 6, Roundabout, Bata police checkpoint.
He narrated further that the policeman pulled him out of the cab, slapped continued raining punches on him in the glare of the multitude of onlookers.
The Nigerian consulate in Bata has reacted by raising a Note Verbale to the Equatorial Guinea authorities, condemning the police action and also demanded for an unreserved apology from the government.
The copy of the Note Verbale was made available, on Thursday, to the newsmen in Abuja.
“Consequent to this unfortunate incident which demonstrated the unfair treatment which even our nationals often received from policemen during “control” is now extending to diplomats which is the violation of Diplomatic immunity accorded Diplomats by Vienna Convention.
“The Consulate-General of Nigeria wishes to express its outright dismay for the action of the policeman and demands for an unreserved apology and the host authorities guarantee of its Diplomats’ safety in the country,” the Note Verbal reads in part.