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Nigeria and West Africa will benefit from Buhari's experience – Boni Yayi


The president of Benin Republic Boni Yayi who had earlier paid a courtesy call on President Jonathan also visited President-elect Muhammadu Buhari. President Yayi said he is visiting president elect Buhari because Nigeria and Benin are very close. He said in the area of culture and tradition the two countries are merged together. He said that Nigerians have chosen the president –elect as their President. He added that 25% of the people in Benin are Nigerians and expresses the closeness of the two nations.

President Boni Yayi said that Nigeria and West Africa will benefit from the experience of president-elect Buhari.  He said that Buhari has been head of state before so he is coming with a lot of experience. He also said that president –elect Buhari is a man of integrity.  He said that his integrity and experience as a former head of state is of relevance. He also said that his patriotism and his ability to take challenges will be helpful to the sub region.

President –elect Buhari that the problem of insecurity in the sub region has remained a common problem of the two countries and expect they will continue to fight Boko Haram together.

President Boni Yayi was the only foreign visitor to the defence house to see the president elect.