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National Assembly: Tambuwal, Ihedioha & others out as Igbos plot leadership role


As the House of Representatives resumes in June, 2015 only 58 members of the present house will be returning. Aminu Tambuwal, Emeka Ihedioha will be among the 302 legislators that will not be returning on June6, for the 8th session of the National Assembly.

It is not clear yet what the impact of a house of representatives with majority of new members trying to learn the rope, will have on the nations democracy. While some of the members of the 7th Assembly ran for higher offices others were not successful in the election. The speaker Aminu Tambuwal is running for the governorship of sokoto state under the APC while his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha is also running for governorship under the platform of the PDP in Imo state.

As a result of the March 28 election, the running PDP suffered losses which has made them the minority in the national assembly. It is expected that with the APC now in charge of the executive arm of government the relationship between the House of Representatives and the executives will be cordial.

The question in the minds of people now is, what is the role of the south east in the national assembly.  For now, the best they can have will be minority leader.

There are speculations already that the leadership of the south east are holding secret meeting to reach a compromise for some of the seats won by the PDP to be conceded to the APC. Once they are able to reach a compromise that will be effected through the tribunals. A reliable source said there is a high possibility that compromise will be reach before they present evidences at the tribunals to up turn some of the results in favour of the APC.