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Military captures Kagarno, the last enclave of Boko Haram

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The director of defence information, major general Chris Olukolade on Tuesday said that the military had captured Alagarno town in Borno state and with it they were able to seize a lot of arms and ammunition.

According to Olukolade ‘ items captured from the terrorists included armoured vehicles, several arms and ammunition of various sizes and calibres, power generating set , grenades and improvised explosive devices,IEDs.

He also said they have Condon the town and they are searching the area to ensure that they mop up the town to make the area conducive for the residents.

He also said that Alagarno was used as an escape route into other communities and into other neighbouring countries. Alagarno is regarded by locals as the major haven for the Boko Haram group in the notorious Sambisa forest.

It is expected that with the capture of Kagarno town, the last vestiges of Boko Haram terrorist group would have been eliminated.