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Kardasians and Kanye west mobbed in Armenia

kanye west and kim

Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia was agog when American rapper and husband of Kim Kardasian, Kanye West had an impromptu, free concert for their fans. As the show went late on Sunday night, Kanye jumped into the lake and the fans rushed in. He was virtually mobbed. The police had to stop the surprise concert. Most TV channels in Armenia called Kanye their son -in-law.

kanye west

Armenia is the ancestral home of the late father of the Kardasians, Robert Kardasian whose family migrated from Armenia to the United States of America. The Kardasian sisters decided to visit their ancestral home with Kim’s husband Kanye and daughter North West so as to connect with their root.

Officials in Armenia are appreciative of the visit of the Kardasians as they recognised that the visit has brought the country into limelight.

Before they left Armenia, the sisters broadcast an episode of their ‘Keeping up with the Kardasians ‘TV show. They also visited their family’s ancestral home at Gyumri.

According to media report, a member of the independent regional studies centre in Yerevan, ‘For a country like Armenia, with closed borders and lacking in diversity, this was an important opportunity for young Armenians to embrace an American rap star and for him to embrace them.

kim kardasian and khloe at genocide centre

Last Friday the Kardasian sisters laid flowers at the genocide memorial on the outskirts of the Yerevan the capital of Armenia. About 1.5m people lost their lives as the Ottoman Empire fell apart in 1915-1916. Turkey rejected the term genocide. Pope Francis recognition of the tragedy as genocide also caused anger in Turkey.