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Hungry defectors to APC will return with empty stomach – Jonathan

jonathan the president

While addressing members of the People’s Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council, (PDPPCO) headed by Ahmadu Ali, President Jonathan assured them that the PDP will bounce back. He said those who have defected to APC are hungry and will get nothing as the APC will attend to those who worked for their party. According to President Jonathan, ‘I encourage members of our party to remain loyal to the party, and not to be so   disillusioned because we lost the Presidential election and decide to go where they think they will fill their stomach or something. It is not easy. I have been here for five years plus, you hardly satisfy even 15% of those who worked for you.

‘So those people running and those already cross carpeting, they will come back on an empty stomach because they will touch the primary members of their party before they get to them. They know you are coming because you are hungry and before it will get to you, the food will be gone. So let us be committed to the party. Yes we will have challenges at the beginning, but surely we will get to where we want to be.

He said the ‘problem is not whether we lost the elections, that is history, but how do we consolidate our party and move forward. If we are committed and we work hard definitely PDP will bounce back.

President Jonathan also questioned the results in some parts of the country.  He said ‘if you look at the areas it is perceived that PDP scored so low, PDP could not have gotten those kinds of scores, but the elections are over. The country first.

Jonathan also put to rest the speculations that he was pressured by some prominent people to concede defeat in the presidential election. He said ‘yes I did not consult anybody before I made that phone call to Buhari, but I made that call on behalf of all of you and on behalf of PDP.

It is believed that the comments of Jonathan are to cement the cracks already building up in the PDP as a result of the election results. It is also argued that it is meant to encourage some distraught members like Ifeanyi Ubah, his TAN group and others who gave everything to the election. The TAN campaign which came in late in the electioneering struggles between the leading parties has been regarded as unprecedented. According to President Jonathan ‘it is not as if Jonathan alone made the sacrifice, it is all of us. I made the pronouncement but some of us are paying the price.  Some people pay more price than I do. I know how some of you are already being persecuted and the kind of situation facing you.

He further said ‘I have to sincerely thank all of you who worked tirelessly for the elections. You worked very hard, you did your best despite that we didn’t win the election but the key thing is that Nigeria is peaceful. The countries that brought ship, everything around us, waiting to evacuate their citizens are happy because there was nobody to evacuate.

The President said ‘the country was so tensed but everything has gone down and I think that is the most important thing because the conviction is that you must have a country before you can run for an office. Nigeria is a very complex country and you must manage with care.

There seem to be doubts in the minds of some observers how the north east could record such a high voter turnout and high PVC collection despite the activities of Boko Haram that was said to have displaced many in the area.