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Health benefits of drinking water

water benefit to health

Health they say is wealth. For this reason we thought we should the information on the benefits of water with you. Afro beat king the late Fela Anikulapo Kuti once said ‘water no get enemy’, but more than that regular intake of water keeps you away from the doctor. Here are some hints on the benefit of water as we found in the ‘Healthie you’.

  1. Aids Weight loss: Regular intake of water helps you to feel full for a long period so that your food intake is drastically reduced. It also gives you the necessary energy you need to carry on when you feel weak on a diet. It helps to improve metabolism.
  2. Aids Digestion: It helps to increase rate at which fats and soluble fibre are dissolved in the body. It helps to flush the liver and kidneys, ridding them of waste products. It prevents constipation.
  3. May help prevent Cancer: Regular intake of water may prevent cancer that affects the bladder and urinary tract. This is because the more water you take the more you urinate to avoid a build-up of carcinogens in the bladder, thereby preventing bladder cancer.
  4. Prevent and cure headaches and migraine: Most times headaches and migraine are triggered by dehydration and stress and just by supplying the body with enough water to move things along smoothly, headaches and migraines are cured.
  5. Aids Kidney Function: The kidneys help to eliminate waste, to keep the body fluids balanced and maintain blood pressure. Drinking enough water daily helps the kidney to perform these functions even better.
  6. Focus and Mental alertness and relieve fatigue: Drinking enough water helps to keep you hydrated, improve blood flow especially to the brain and this results in better focus and mental clarity. It also helps to keep the body energised and relieve fatigue.
  7. Protects Joint and Cartilage: With regular intake of water you are helping the joints to stay lubricated and the cartilages to stay hydrated.
  8. Hangover: Drinking water regularly helps to reduce the effects of alcohol on the body. Alcohol drains the body of water and this leads to dehydration.
  9. Cures Cold and Respiratory Infections: Drinking enough water can help to flush away bacteria which cause these infections and dissolve the mucus so that it can flow out of the nostril freely. Gargling with water can help to fight off these infections.
  10. Balance body fluids: about 60 per cent of the body is made up of water. Water helps to keep the body temperature regulated; it is responsible for transporting nutrients all over the body.
  11. Promotes cardiovascular health: regularly taking water keeps the heart healthy and prevents coronary heart problems.
  12. Clear skin and boost immunity: water flushes out toxins and keeps the skin clear and healthy. It also reduces incidence of sickness and infections and boost immunity.