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Grammy: Nigerian Ibra Ake Wins ‘Best Music Video’ Producer Award

On Sunday night, at the 61st Grammy Awards, Ibra Ake, a Nigerian-American visual artist picked up his first-ever Grammy.

The artist won the award for Best Music Video for producing Childish Gambino’s viral “This is America” music video.

Initially, the nomination of Seun Keti, in the World Music Category was widely celebrated but however, the Afrobeat singer lost out to the Soweto Gospel Choir with their ‘Freedom’ album.

Eventually, Ake got recognized for his work on the critically acclaimed visuals for rapper Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America.’

Ake, who grew up in Nigeria and New Jersey, is also a writer for hit TV show, ‘Atlanta’ which also features Childish Gambino.

Having been introduced to art through animation and drawing, Ake is no stranger to expressing himself through different mediums.

After leaving school and working a full time office job, Ibra was a freelance photographer and landed a gig to shoot Childish Gambino while he was still a rising artist.

Since meeting, the two have collaborated countless times from album covers, music videos, creative direction, production and screenwriting.

Ake took to Twitter after his win in celebration.

”I can’t believe I just won a Grammy. Where’s the catch? Royalty forever.