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Germanwings plane crash deliberate. Update

germanwings crash1

Latest report indicates that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane. The co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, 28 ‘activated the descent of the plane when he was alone in the cockpit.’ The Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said the co-pilot was alive until impact. He said there was a deliberate attempt to destroy the air craft.  The voice recorder revealed that the captain was locked out of the cockpit, while the co-pilot appeared to make a deliberate attempt to destroy the plane. You can hear the captain trying to smash the door down and people screaming.


There is nothing yet to indicate it was a terrorist attack. The co-pilot deliberately refused to open the cabin door to the chief pilot and used a button to cause the plane to lose altitude.

germanwings crash

Robin says he will not call the incident suicide because ‘when you are responsible for 150 people, I don’t call it suicide.’ The co-pilot took advantage of the pilot leaving the cockpit. He said the co-pilot was fully qualified. The bodies of the victims of the Germanwings crash will not be released until all DNA identification work has been done.