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French police arrests Algerian terror suspect

Manuel Valls

An Algerian, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, 24 who had planned to attack a church but accidentally shot him and called the ambulance has been arrested. After calling the ambulance, the police came and found live weapons in his car and home with documents relating to how they plan to attack a church.

Ghlam , a computer science student had been linked to the murder of 32 year old Aurele Chatelain who was found dead in her car on Sunday. His arrest is part of the drag net by the French police to track down terrorists since the Charlie Hebdo attack in January.

According to the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the French police have recently foiled five terror attacks. After the arrest of Ghlam, the prime minister said investigators have been looking for accomplices. According to him, ‘this type of individual does not act alone.  The French interior minister Bernard Cazemeuve said that the security agencies have been on the trail of Ghlam. He said they are aware that he is planning to travel to Syria to enlist with the ISIS.

Prime Minister Valls said ‘the threat of terror has never been so high. We have never had to face this kind of terrorism in our history.’  According to him, 1573 French citizens or residents had been implicated in terrorism related activities and about 442 are most likely to be in Syria. He said of the numbers, seven have died carrying out suicide attacks and 97 of them have died in either Syria or Iraq.