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Former PDP chairman Ogbulafor to join APC


The former chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Vincent Ogbulafor who was known for saying that PDP will rule Nigeria for the next 60 years in 2008 may be joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) soon. If Ogbulafor’s visit to the headquarters of the APC is anything to go by, he might soon be jumping the ‘sinking’ ship of the PDP.

Ogbulafor was the chairman of the PDP until he suggested that the presidency should remain in the north until 2015 following the death of late president Umar Y’ardua.

This angered President Goodluck Jonathan who had just completed late Y’ardua term and was to run the party’s primaries to represent the party.  He was later forced to resign, not before he was refused the opportunity of overseeing the election of the party’s primaries at the Eagles square on the grounds that there was a court case against him in Enugu. His utterances were seen then, as ploy to arrange the election in favour of the leading opponent of Jonathan then, Atiku Abubakar.

On Friday, the former PDP chairman Ogbulafor was at the headquarters of the APC and curious journalist had this encounter with him.

Ques: We are surprised you are here sir.

Ogbulafor: I just came back into town yesterday and I came to congratulate the national chairman of the APC for a job well done.

Ques: Don’t you think some of your party members in PDP might read meaning into this?

Ogbulafor: How can they feel offended ? I am still in PDP.

Ques: Are you considering joining APC?

Ogbulafor: Not yet. Even if I will, not yet.

Ques: How do you feel about General Buhari’s   victory at the poll?

Ogbulafor: I am very happy.

Ques: But we recall that you were the one who said PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years.

Ogbulafor: Yes I said so, but when they dismantled governors from what do you expect.

Ques: But you are coming to associate with APC.

Ogbulafor: I am a Nigerian

Ques: will it not be treated as antiparty activity by your party?

Ogbulafor: I am a Nigerian. APC has produced the president of his country and I have to congratulate him for job well done.

Ques: Are you still in PDP.

Ogbulafor: Why not?

Ques: How would you describe the election in Abia, your home state?

Ogbulafor: When they conclude it you will get the result.

Ques: How soon will you be joining APC?

Ogbulafor: I have been the National Chairman, National Secretary and Minister. I will remain in PDP until it becomes necessary to make a change.

The APC deputy national chairman, south, Segun Oni was on hand to respond on behalf of APC.

Ques: We just saw the former national chairman of PDP around and we learnt that he had a fruitful discussion with APC leadership.

Oni: I saw him, but I think it is a private visit he came for. Don’t forget, the national chairman is the friend, and some of us are also his friends.

Ques: Does it have anything to do with joining the APPC? Oni: I don’t think it has anything to do with his coming to the APC.

Ques: Won’t you be happy if he joins the APC.

Oni: Of course we will be very happy if he comes to the APC but that is not the purpose of his visit.