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Fans react to Beyoncé & Rihanna new releases on Tidal


The mega stars Beyoncé and Rihanna who are also co-owners of Tidal streaming service were the first to release their new music exclusively on Tidal. The fans do not like it. It is expected that the exclusive content will attract new subscriber but the complaint is that Tidal is more expensive than other streaming services.

Beyoncé, who had a 15 second preview of her new song ‘Die with you’ to her 63 million Facebook followers on April 5, directed them to Tidal to watch the rest of the video. Although Beyoncé’s fans are some of the most reverential but they are not buying the idea that they should go to Tidal where they are expected to pay more.

Rihanna has a problem of her own. As she released the ‘American Oxygen’ there has been accusation of plagiarism particularly the ‘Bitch better have my money’ song by Brittany. For Rihanna, pirates have posted the song on YouTube for a while before it was taken down because of copyright infringements. If you want a copy of Rihanna new song, be ready to part with $20. Her 81million Facebook fans are not willing to go Tidal for the 27year old singer from Barbados. Even on twitters where Rihanna has 43.5million followers, the response has been negative.

Even Daft Punk a co-owner of Tidal who has released his song exclusively on Tidal before Rihanna and Beyoncé, but nobody noticed it because it has been viewed on YouTube 1.1milion times. He was also criticised. It is not clear yet if the $56 million purchase price for Tidal by Jay Z will be a profitable venture at the end of the day.