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Energy saving bulbs will save Nigeria N500bn- Nebo

chinebu nebo

The minister of power Prof. Chinebu Nebo has urged Nigerians to use energy saving bulbs also known as light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. According to the minister, ‘if every Nigerian uses a LED bulb, we will be freeing a total of 1200megawatts of power for industries, for manufacturing outfits, for  bank clusters, for small and medium scale entreprises,SME and industrial revolution will really boom.’ The minister made this declaration at the commissioning of the solar energy power plant built by Omatec  with funding support from First Bank of Nigeria.

He said ‘when we free up 1200 megawatts of electricity for real time good use, it is like building a power plant. That kind of power plant will cost about half a billion naira.

The minister also said what Omatec has demonstrated is perfectly in tandem with the policy of the Federal government of Nigeria. The company has shown that with light emitting diode, LED built, every Nigerian can cut power consumption by between 70 to 90 per cent. He further said that ‘all our street lights should be ‘ledified’. All houses should be ledified. In fact new housing estates should only get approval if they demonstrate that they are going to use LED bulbs all through. This is the only way we can be sure a lot of energy are not been wasted in Nigeria.