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Election 2015: Another first in the history of Nigeria-OBJ

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Former president Olusegun Obasanjo who voted in Abeokuta has called the 2015 general elections success as another first in the history of Nigeria. According to Obasanjo, ‘we should be proud of ourselves, we have done for Nigeria, we have done it for West Africa, for Africa and we can lift up our heads and say yes, this is another first in the history of Nigeria.’

Obasanjo said further that the ‘whole of Nigeria should be proud of their performance at this election. That there were apprehensions and maybe, understandably so, because of those beating the drums of war. God took control. ‘He also said those who expected a big bang did not get a whimper. The former president was particularly happy with the performance of INEC. He believes that we are gradually maturing in our democracy and democratic process.