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Economy in dire strait, no more foreign training – Kifasi


The head of the civil service of the federation Danladi Kifasi has said that the ban on foreign training has not been lifted. He said that the economy is still in dire strait and as such the country training will still be done in the country in recognition of the dwindling resources of the country.

According to Kifasi, his office issued a circular restricting foreign training and the circular specifically ‘stated that most training activities should now take place in Nigeria and that attendance at the foreign events should now be at no cost to government.

He said ‘the effect of the circular I that there has been a drastic reduction on the number of requests for permission to travel abroad. This has saved government a lot of money in the short time that it has been in force and has the potential of growing locally based training in Nigeria.

He also said that his office has identified the need to build capacity of the civil service at all levels. They have introduced initiatives such as structured Mandatory Assessment based training programmes(SMAT-P) to help equip civil servants with the basic skills and knowledge to enable them discharge their duties effectively.