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DTCA boss charges staff on commitment to duty


The Acting Director-General of Directorate of Technical Cooperation in Africa (DTCA), Mr Shuaibu Suleiman, has called on the agency’s staff to be more committed to duty.

Suleiman, who gave the charge during a send-forth occasion for the Director of Diaspora Affairs Department, Mr Frank Adakole, in Abuja, urged the officers to be diligent and to carry out their work with patriotic zeal in order to end their service in government well.

“Well, my advice to the staff is that it is easy to start a race but of course, it is not easy to finish and to finish well. In the process of running the race, you will come across a number of obstacles but it takes some measures of diligence, some measures of commitment and some measures of sense of responsibility to be able to do that.

“So my admonition to the staff of the Directorate is to be careful how they run this race of life in the public service. I pray that they be more committed than Frank; more diligent than Frank and serve better than he did. We are not saying Frank has not served well but the joy of every father is to have his children do better than him in life. And I believe this will be Frank’s prayer too,” the DG said.

Speaking on the quality of the retiring staff, Suleiman described Adakole as a productive staff.

His words: “I am truly happy for him because to serve in the public service for this number of years and retired well, it is a very good thing. At least in the Directorate here, he has put in about 13 years of service. Of course, he came in from another establishment. And right through these 13 years, he has been one of the very good staff we have had.

“In fact, he got promoted from assistant director; the position he came in, to deputy director, to director status. So you can see that he has gone quite through some years. We are happy for him and we believe that he has fought a good fight and he has retired very well. We wish him all the very best in his future endeavour.

“For the directorate here, I feel a little unhappy; let me put it that way because Frank has been one of the elders we have here by virtue of his age and experience. So for you to mix such a productive staff that served as a stabilising personality in this place is a sense of regret I feel. And truly for me, he is a personal friend and all we can do is just to wish him well.”

Responding, the retired Director of Diaspora Affairs Department in the agency, Frank Adakole, who was visibly elated, said there is nothing as satisfying and gratifying as successfully working for government and retiring successfully without any problem.

Adakole called on the Federal Government to address the financial challenge facing the agency to make it a viable agency.

“Our challenge has always been funding, we have very good programmes; very articulated programmes. Programmes that can take this country to the next level but the challenge has always been funding. One of my desires is that government should be able to release funds to DTCA so that it can achieve its mandate,” he said.

Adakole, however, advised the agency’s staff to continue to put in their best in the service and imbibe the fear of God in whatever they do.