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Don’t wait after voting, IGP warns

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At the stake holders meetings in Abuja organised by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC held on Tuesday, the controversy as to whether a voter should wait after voting. The meeting which had the security agencies and representatives of the political parties.

The chairman  Prof. Attahiru Jega said that the certain that the commission is forging ahead with the elections.   He also said that the extension of the elections has afforded the commission the opportunity to perfect the arrangement for the elections. He also advised that whoever wants to wait to observe the process after voting could do so.

The inspector general of police, IGP Suleiman Abba for the second time disagrees with the INEC chairman on   whether voters could after voting go home . According to him, ‘I repeat, I advise every voter, cast your vote; I advise that you vote and go home. The inspector general of police, IGP Suleiman Abba for the second time disagrees with the INEC chairman on whether to go home after voting .’  He said he wants Nigerians to take note of it. He said loiters without lawful business after voting may have themselves to blame. The IGP insisted that voters must leave after casting their votes. He said there is a law on loitering and how do you now determine what is loitering and therefore asked people to go home. He said the parties have representatives and those are the people with authority to monitor the elections on behalf of their parties. He also said that the election monitors are also there to monitor the elections. Meanwhile , the IGP  has ordered the restriction of vehicles on Saturday from 8am to 5 pm except for ambulances. He also informed the gathering of police officers that the distribution of electoral material will start on Wednesday for the Saturday election. He said there are about 150,000 polling units and there are enough police men to man them. He urged the police officers to be professional during the elections.

He also said that there will be enough security for the elections.  He said that the military will not be deployed for the elections.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the INEC chairman said that all non-sensitive material have already been distributed across the country. He said the ballot papers are safely in the central bank of Nigeria.

The chairman of INEC also to the media that the card readers will help check electoral fraud, crimes and it is to ensure that election is free and fair and transparent.