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We Don’t Need Cattle Colonies In Nigeria – Umeh

“The Fulani herdsmen went to Benue State and killed 73 people in one single swoop and they were given mass burial and the only thing Federal Government did was to order the Inspector-General of Police to go there and find out what was happening instead of giving an order that herdsmen should be restricted to their states of origin.

“There is nothing like migrant agriculture. It is no more a modern practice. Beef, from statics I have seen: Brazil and America, they are all in the top bracket of world meat producers. But, they don’t experience this kind of thing, because they embraced modern method of farming, modern method of agriculture.

“Here you encourage somebody to leave his land, go to another person’s land, kill him there, take over the land. When you are told that what you did is not right, you begin to talk about creating colonies, cattle colonies in those areas. That is primitive thinking. It cannot happen.

“A colony is administered by people who are within the colony. You cannot run a colony by people who are outside the colony, dictating to what happens in the colony. We don’t need cattle colonies in Nigeria.

“Nigeria was a British colony administered from Britain. So, it is the same thing as creating cattle colony. In Enugu State for example, somebody cannot administer a colony outside Enugu State. We cannot continue to lay mines in this country, thinking that we want to be patriotic to one’s tribal cause. We cannot do that.”
~Senator Victor Umeh OFR