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Don’t legislate for incoming house – Ihedioha



The deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha has advised members of the house not to legislate for the incoming house.  He said this as members were divided on the motion to recommend to the incoming Buhari administration to totally remove subsidy as a permanent solution to the perennial fuel scarcity. There was a motion and a counter motion calling on the incoming administration to remove fuel subsidy. In a motion sponsored by house member Karimi Sunday from Kogi state, he asked that the fuel subsidy be removed because the policy has been abused. At the resumption of plenary, Karimi Sunday had stated that few people benefited from the subsidy, while the Nigerian masses for which the policy was meant to benefit hardly got the product at the subsidised price. He argued that the removal will liberalise the market and allow investors to import the products at their own rate and save the nation the abuse of the subsidy regime. He said the endless queues are evidence that the policy has not benefited the masses.

He said the Buhari administration should be courageous enough to abolish subsidy. Another member and deputy majority leader of the Leo Ogor said the Federal government is spending so much and the oil marketer are exploiting the situation as Nigerians have not benefitted from the subsidy.  Another member Osai Osai from Delta state opposed the motion that it was wrong at this stage to remove subsidy when the refineries have not been fixed.

The motion was put to vote and it was rejected by majority of members present. The deputy speaker of the house Emeka Ihedioha who presided over the meeting said that the motion cannot scale through because it seems members want to legislate for the incoming members.