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Defectors to APC must follow pecking order-Buhari


President elect Muhammadu Buhari who was accredited and voted on Saturday morning has advised politicians who are defecting to the All Progressives Congress,APC, that they will have to follow order. He said that he will ensure that there is order in the party. He also said any politicians who think he was a minister in another party and defects to APC should not expect to be a minister. He said there must be discipline in the party. He further said there are people in the party that have worked for the success of the party. That they will get his priority.

Political observers have been scandalised at the rate of defections since the victory of the presidential candidate of the APC in the March 28 presidential election. They have called for the need for more ideological parties in the country. They observed that politicians in Nigeria have become bread and butter politicians with no principles.

Meanwhile, the president elects expressed satisfaction with the performance of the electoral body. According to the president elect,’from what I heard on the radio from 6am, it seem all the constituencies are covered.’ He was particularly satisfied with the improvement of the card readers. He said that INEC was getting more efficient. He said that INEC made sure that the card readers worked efficiently.