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Chibok girls seen in Gwoza

chikok girls

The former minister of education and leader of the bring back our girls movement,Obiageli Ezekwesili on Monday said one year on ,the Chibok girls are still in the hand s of the terrorists. She said there cannot be closure.  She said over 200 girls cannot just vanish. Ezekwesili says she was so angry a week ago that she snapped. She said her husband could not understand why she snapped. She also organised the bring back our girls silent march  in abuja recently with red ribbon across their mouths  as a reminder to the public that the girls are yet to reunite with their families.

About two weeks ago the director of the national information centre, Mike Omeri assured the public that the government was going to make a statement about the girls on the anniversary of their kidnap, it is expected that the government will be making  statement soon. The signs that the girls will be found soon are not good.

There are however indications that the girls are alive. A woman told the media that about 50 of the girls were seen alive in Gwoza , one of the towns in the hands of boko haram before the military dislodged them. It is not clear if the terror group took the girls along as they escaped. No one is sure of their state. Are they now mothers or they still retain their innocence. The leader of Boko Haram had earlier threatened to convert them to Islam and married them out. It is not clear if he carried out his threat.  The president during the campaigns alluded to the fact that the girls are still alive.It will be a huge relieve to the families of the girls and the nation at large if the girls are found alive

On April 14,2014  members of the terror group Boko Haram took the nation by surprise when they entered the Chibok girls secondary school late in the night  in close to 20 hilux trucks and took  about 219 girls from their hostel. Initially, it sounded impossible but as time went ,it became clear that it was real. From the initial reaction of the government it appeared they received the news in disbelieve. That probably explains their initial slow response to the kidnap of the girls. Subsequently it took a political dimension and the blame game started with no concrete plans  both by the Borno state government and the Federal who incidentally are in opposing parties.

Malala Yousafzai  the Nobel laureate in open letter  called on the government and the international community to do more to bring back the girls. Some countries  had offered to find but not much came out of the pledges.