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Card reader rejects Governor Nggilari as Tukur urges voters to accept outcome.

bamanga tukur
The former National Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democrat Party PDP Alh Bamanga Tukur has counselled politicians across the nation to take the outcome result of the Saturday Presidential and the National Assembly polls in a good faith.

The PDP BOT member said that the elections should not be seen as a  do or die affair stressing that there is no need for politicians to fight.

” We should not fight let us have peaceful election. It should not be do or die, politics is a game” He said.

Tukur who spoke to reporters  today in his Yola, resident shortly after he was accredited at his Ajiya unit 012 said that majority of the candidates fielded by the PDP may face resistance from electorates due to imposition.

He explained that when he was the national chairman of PDP he has told his party over time to avoid issue of imposition and allow people vote to count.

“I have been preaching the doctrine of fair play in affairs of the PDP my position on imposition and internal democracy has been crystal clear”

“Some people say selection, I say no internal democracy. Some people say imposition I say no I say we must allow freedom of choice,” he said.

Tukur equally lamented  that the failure of the party to allow the interest of the common man to prevail in the scheme of things led to the recent disenchantment the party is facing.

Tukur however commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for introducing card readers to checkmate any electoral fraud adding that in modern world the place of ICT is not contestable.

“The present world is a world of ICT, if you want to capture the world, today, you must be literate in ICT knowledge.

“It is good it was done in other places. It was done in Ghana, it was done in Serria Leone and it was also done in Kenya,” he said.

Tukur said that human beings always resist change saying that the antagonism against the card readers is understandable “it cannot immediately satisfy everybody but with training, it can be corrected,”

Meanwhile, Governor Bala James Nggilari was furious over the rejection of thump print biometrics  by the card reader during accreditation.
The governor who lamented  the failure of the card reader to identified his thump print a situation that force him to field a incident form for proper identification.

The Governor who was in the Moddibo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola, one of the designated voting  centres  for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), in Adamawa was shocked to marrow as  card reader fail to capture his biometrics.

Speaking to journalists shortly after the card reader machine failed to get his thumb print, Mr. Ngillari said “I am disappointed in the process, since the card reader can reject the number one citizen of the state.

‘’ I am so concern about our people who are IDPs, they trekked  for kilometers only to be disenfranchised by card reader,’’ Ngillari said.