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Buhari will be defeated silly- Fayose


Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti state on Sunday said that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC  General Muhammadu Buhari should brace up for a defeat that is imminent in the March 28 presidential election.   He said ‘President Good luck Jonathan and the PDP will through the election send Buhari on political retirement.’

According to Idowu Adelusi, press secretary to Governor Ayo Fayose who signed the release said ‘the defeat would put an end to propaganda, bad mouthing and the noise of the APC, because lies will always fail, while truth will stand the test of time. He said further that ‘the APC would by the election, be taught a political lesson that elections are not won on pages of newspapers and through sheer propaganda.’

According to him, ‘APC has always believed that any election it did not win was rigged.’ ‘The reason APC will fail woefully is because people have come to know it as a party peopled by liars, deceit, and hypocrites who should not be entrusted with the leadership of this country. Even leaders of thought in the North have since withdrawn their support when they realised the agenda of certain APC leaders against the north.‘I can say it categorically that Buhari will be beaten silly and I am advising Buhari and his APC to take the impending defeat philosophically as an act of God.  He also said there is nothing in the antecedents of the army general and other leaders of the APC that suggested any good thing for the nation and the people.