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Breath test can detect stomach cancer

stomach cancer

Scientists from China and Israel have revealed that a quick and simple breath test can diagnose stomach cancer. The findings also revealed that the test was 90% accurate at detecting and distinguishing cancers from other stomach complaints in 130 patients.

Currently doctors diagnose stomach cancer by taking biopsy of the stomach lining using a probe and a flexible camera passed through the mouth and down the gullet.

The new test looks for chemical profiles in exhaled breath that are unique to patients with stomach cancer.

Cancer appears to give off a signature smell of volatile organic compounds that can be detected using the right technical medical kits. The science behind the test itself is not new, many researchers have been working on the possibility of breath tests for number of cancers, including lung.

The breath test could tell 90% of the time the difference between early and late stage of stomach cancers.

As reported by BBC, the director of clinical research at Cancer research UK, Kate Law said ‘the results of this latest study are promising, although large scale trials will now be needed to confirm these findings. Only one in five people are able to have surgery as part of their treatment as most stomach cancers are diagnosed at stages that are too advanced for surgery. Any test that could help diagnose stomach cancers earlier would make a difference to patients’ long term survival.’