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Boko Haram: Over 500 children kidnapped in Damasak

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There are fears that the terrorist group, Boko Haram may have kidnapped close to 500 children as they flee the onslaught of the coalition forces in the Damasak area of Borno state. Damasak is a trading community along the border between Nigeria and Niger Republic. The actual number missing cannot be verified.

According to a trader who spoke with the media, the terrorists took away the girls as they flee.  The Lake Chad basin coalition force had recaptured Damasak town from Boko Haram in March. The coalition troops have helped to close down the terrorists as they no longer have a hiding place. In the past, they will commit havoc in Nigeria and take refuge in the neighbouring countries. With the contribution of troops by member countries of the Lake Chad basin and each country pushing the attack from their borders, it has made it difficult for the Islamic murderous sect to freely carry out the slaughter of innocent men, women and children.

Meanwhile,the director general of the national orientation agency Mike Omeri has denied the number. he said the number is lower. he said the terrorists abandoned some of their captives as they flee, except those ‘they had married in the period of occupation.’

Nigerian senator Maina maaji lawan told BBC that the case in Damasak was typical  and many hundreds of children are missing. He said, ‘the very young ones they give madrasas and the male ones between 16 and 25, they conscript them and they indoctrinate them as supply channels for their hostile missions.’