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Barca coach Luis Enrique speaks on Sunday’s Clasico

luis enrique

The Sunday match between Barcelona and arch rival Real Madrid popularly called el-clasico remains one of the most celebrated football matches between two club sides in the world. Although it is a local derby, it is sometimes seen as more than a game.

In the Saturday’s press conference before tomorrow’s game, the Barcelona coach Luis Enrique, though playing at home down played the home advantage. According to him, ‘the games with Madrid are certainly different to any other. They are our eternal rivals and the closest team to us in the table. If we win, it also means they get no point, and there’s also our head to head goal difference to bear in mind. There’s a lot to look forward to’.

These are some of the remarks at the packed full pressroom with more than 800 accredited journalists.

On potential favourites: there are no favourites in games like these. We won’t fall into the trap of thinking it will be easy.

On a golden opportunity: this is a nice chance to put some space between us. We will need to play our best, and be solid both in defence and attack.

On unique occasion: these are special games. The fans always look forward to this fixture and I hope we can bring them some joy by playing good football. It is more about keeping your cool and making decisions at the right time.

On the game he wants: we will try to create more chances than the opposition. We like to control the ball and as much as possible do so in the opposition half. We like to move the ball around the field as a unit and finish off our moves.

On what to expect from Madrid: expect a similar Madrid to the first game. We positioned in their half, ready to get the ball forward and with infinite resources to draw upon. They can dominate in loads of areas of the game.