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Ayo Fayose wins again

ayo fayose

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed the suit against the Governor of Ekiti state Ayo Fayose challenging the eligibility of the governor to contest election. The Supreme Court said the panel that impeached Fayose  was illegally constituted and there was no impeachment.  The supreme court also said impeachment was not a ground for disqualification . That for impeachment to take effect it has to go to a court of law or a code of conduct bureau. As such the Ayo Fayose cannot be stopped from contesting.

There was jubilation all over Ekiti. Young men including okada riders danced roung the Fajuyi area in the state capital, Ado Ekiti. The people called for peace so the governor can effectively govern the state.  They asked the APC at the national level  to prevail on their members in Ekiti not to create instability in the state. The governor himself called for truce from the opposition APC lawmakers.

The APC had filed an appeal against the June21, 2014 election that gave victory to Ayo Fayose. The APC also alleged that his certificate was forged and was not eligible to contest. They argued that having been impeached previously, he was not eligible to contest. In all counts the Supreme Court dismissed their prayers. The APC lawmakers had made several efforts to impeach the governor and the case at the Supreme Court seems to be the last dished effort to remove the governor. It remains to be seen if they will continue with their fight to remove the governor.

Before the judgement, the governor had earlier expressed gratitude to the people of the state for overwhelmingly supporting the PDP in all the elections held recently. He said he believes God will vindicate him at the end of the day. This judgement is therefore, a vindication of his believe that he won the election free and square.

Meanwhile, the factional speaker Olugbemi had earlier accused some groups from Lagos and Osun of trying to use him to subvert the will of the people by luring him to join the group of 19 APC lawmakers. He said they tried to induce him financially to support the move to impeach Governor Ayo Fayose.

According to him, they wanted him to turn his back against Fayose by thinking he would resign his position as speaker so that their man Adewale Omirin could step in s governor once Fayose is removed.’ But I along with my other patriotic colleagues on the side of truth and justice have vowed that we will rather sail or sink with Fayose, whose interest we are ready to defend with the last drop of our blood.’