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Awolowo the true leader


The picture is the Premier of Western Nigeria Chief Obafemi Awolowo  with  the children  in 1952. You will notice that this children went to school without clothes not to talk about shoes. But they got free education and some of them became professors,medical doctors,engineers,lawyers,industrialists and other top professionals which put the western Nigeria ahead of other regions or zones in education and commerce. Does it surprise you that the west are still way ahead of other zones in industry as they head key sectors of the private sector.

More importantly, these children were children of peasants farmers, Chief Awolowo created the opportunity for these children to be many times better than their parents. It is therefore not surprising that most of the leaders in Western Nigeria idolise Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Since Awolowo left the west and in a way Nigeria has not been able to find a philosopher king as this visionary leader. Like Ojukwu said ,Awolowo was the president that Nigeria never had.  Nigeria urgently needs a true leader and not rulers. The solutions to the Nigeria’s problem of development are simple but the rulers made them complex so there is no solution. We need leaders and not rulers.

Apart from his intellectual contribution to leadership , he was also a practical leader.