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April 11 elections: We’ve worked hard to ensure success-Jega

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The chairman of the independent national electoral commission, INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega on Friday evening expressed confidence that Saturday’s elections would be better than the March 28 presidential and national assembly elections. He said the commission has worked hard enough to correct all the lapses of the previous level to ensure success.

He reiterated that they have taken adequate to ensure a better performance on Saturday. On the issue of card readers the INEC chairman said after the march 28, they studied all the issues raised and reviewed the operations of the card readers and concluded that generally the card readers worked and the statistical failure were insignificant. He said they had to encourage people to participate in the elections by allowing those affected by card reader failure to use the manual process through the incident form. He said they discovered that despite the training, the staff did not remove the cellophane which made the card readers to reject some voters.  He also said most of the staff did not activate the card readers. He said that the card readers have been activated and the cellophane removed.

On the issue of logistics, he said that logistics did not affect the elections accept for the delays it caused in bringing the staff to the polling centres and delay in voting. He also said that they had a major disappointment from the transport unions in the March elections, but that has already been addressed.

He added that just like the March28 presidential and national assembly elections, there is going to be a situation room for the April 11 elections to monitor all elections activities across the country.

He concluded that ‘God willing tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) elections will be a huge success. We have worked hard to ensure that Saturday’s elections are better than March 28 elections.