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APC is amalgamation of bunch of aggrieved persons – Lamido


The governor of Jigawa state Sule Lamido and a likely Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019 has said in Dutse, the capital of Jigawa that the PDP will pose a credible opposition to the APC. He noted that he hopes that the APC will be as tolerant as the PDP had been in the last 16 years.

According to Lamido, ‘we the PDP tolerated them because of our historical culture of tolerance and love for democracy and our country. Today is their turn; we know APC lacks culture of tolerance. It is the amalgamation of bunch of aggrieved persons, but we would hold them by their words. We would monitor their leadership styles, their performance and their words inch by inch. Whenever they go wrong we would not spare them from condemnation and criticism.

He said the  ‘PDP ruled Nigeria for 16 years and our performance at the Federal and state governments like here in Jigsaw state  would remain indelible in history. We performed to the best of our ability and certainly history would remember us for that.

He said the PDP since the APC was allowed to express their opinion and fundamental right according to the constitution as not going anywhere; we will keep tracking the government’s failures. No tolerance and we must shout at them as they work for Nigerians.

Our PDP government turned Nigeria into a new world and Jigawa state in particular, but just because of selfish interest of a few, they keep sabotaging , blackmailing and intimidating our government.


So we will do the same to the ruling surrender till the end of their tenure in the next four years. Governor Lamido said although President-elect Buhari share the same Hausa/Fulani stalk origin he was not going to spare his administration and will ensure that their lapses are exposed.